About Alan Hoback


I am a Professor of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Detroit Mercy in Detroit, Michigan, a Christian, a husband and father, and I focus my work on serving others.

I am a member of Trinity-St. Mark’s United Church of Christ (TSMUCC), in Detroit. I go there unless I am doing my own devotions at home. Things that I appreciate about TSMUCC are that it has adopted an Open and Affirming statement, and that it is engaged in helping in the community. Sometimes I also worship at work-related masses.

Being a Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineer has provided me with the skills that I need to help others. Many problems in society are not easily solved by policy changes but require new ideas and hard work. See my community-based work.

Working at UDM has helped me grow from someone who wanted to help others to someone who does it. I have a close working relationship with several members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) at UDM. The Jesuits are similar-mined to me on practical matters because they dedicated to engaging the world. Their values are ingrained in the University mission.

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