Alan Hoback's Driving Safety Research

Drowsy Driving:

Dr. Hoback and Dr. Harold Greene (UDM) are investigating several issues with keeping people awake while driving cars. Dr. Hoback and Greene have an internal funded research grant to buy equipment to monitor volunteers as they become drowsy while driving in a simulator.

Vehicle Styling:

March 2017: Dr. Hoback is preparing to collect data on front end and back end vehicle styles to see if drivers see them as faces. The long term goal is to determine if vehicle styling influences driving behaviors.

Documents available:

2017 UDM IRB application

Research Information Sheet


Form 1-Front vs. Back Result: Respondants showed vehicle front ends were viewed as angry looking.

Form 2-Compare top brands Result: Among brands compared, Toyota vehicles were rated as looking angriest.

Form 3-Versus year Result: All top vehicles looked angrier than decades ago.