Development of Educational Multimedia

Alan Scott Hoback

Conference: Proceedings of the Northcentral Conference-02, 2002/01


An Interactive Text and Lecture Aid

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The presentation will cover the essentials of developing multimedia courseware. Samples of the following will be shown: Creating executable multimedia applications, sequencing video, animations, sound composition and editing, image capture and editing, using web page authorware, and converting vhs video. Participants will be given a table listing the features, limits, and costs of available software and hardware. The presentation will provide the participants with the information that they need in order to formulate their own educational multimedia development plan. The participant will become familiar with multimedia capabilities and methods.


1. Macromedia Director,
2. Macromedia Flash,
3. C-point Platypus-AVIMaker,
4. Apple QuickTime Pro,
5. Adobe Photoshop,
6. AutoDesk 3D Studio VIZ,
7. Avery Lee's Virtual Dub,
8. Apple QuickTimeVR,
9. Dazzle MovieStar w/ Hardware,
10. Digital Camcorders,
11. Dazzle SmartSound,
12. Cakewalk HomeStudio 2002,
13. BlazeAudio WaveCreator,