Alan S. Hoback, Algird Szumlas

University of Detroit Mercy Report, Dept. of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engr., vol. 2022(7), 2022/7/1, pp. 1-17.


The research team undertook a preliminary study, comparing the performance of commercially available light meter tools to available light meter apps, using a variety of mobile phone devices. The research team identified a group of apps that were both highly rated and highly downloaded for Android and Apple phones. Researchers downloaded the apps onto their phones and took a series of measurements with each phone app, along with a baseline measurement using the light meter. Each app was tested using a control surface in the following conditions: outdoor clear sky, outdoor overcast sky, indoor high light, indoor moderate light, indoor low light. The team compiled the results into tables comparing the performance of each app to the baseline light meter measurements, noting the disparity between different devices in various light levels and settings.

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