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Teaching Engineering with Games

A new method for finding global and discrete optimums

Interdisciplinary Design: Challenges and Rewards

Strategies for Student Integrity

Utilizing Building Information Modeling to Create Site Safety and Construction Project Coordination Efficiency

Comparison of LRFD and ASD for Pre-Fabricated Gable Frame Design

Pre-Fabricated Gable Frame Design in High Snow Regions- Comparison of LRFD and ASD

Optimum roof angles of steel gable frames with pinned supports

Optimum Base Connection of Columns in Steel Gable Frames

Regional Variation in Steel Gable Construction

Direct Travel Time of X-Ray Class Solar Storms

Effect of Space Weather on Autonomous Vehicle Navigation

Electrician Demand for Battery Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

P-Values for One-dimensional Multimodal Distributions

Gender Differences in Pareidolia and Anger Perception of Vehicle Front Ends

Relationships between aggressive driving behaviors, demographics and pareidolia

Effect of Latitude of Sunspots on Earth-Intersecting Trajectory of Plasma

Effects of treated bamboo fiber and linseed oil on the physical and mechanical properties of unfired clay brick

Safety Protocols in Civil & Environmental Engineering Laboratories

Pareidolia and Perception of Anger in Vehicle Styles: Survey Results

A Consultancy model for a Freshmen Engineering course

Damping of unreinforced masonry walls retrofitted with CFRP

Retrofit of Unreinforced Masonry Walls Using Geotextile and CFRP

Impact of Course Section Sizes on Grading of Assignments

M-1 Rail Public Private Partnership: Success in the Context of the Historic Failures of Transit Initiatives in Metro Detroit

Social Equity, Mobility, and Access

Walking in the City: Environmental Attributes and Judgments of Attractiveness and Security in Urban Walking Environments

Applying Eye Tracking Techniques to Landscape Evaluation-Towards and Understanding of Walkability Perception

Health effects of walking to transit

Public Perception of Walkability: Assessing perception dependency on scene attributes and respondents characteristic

Commuter Rail Safety in the Presence of Freight Rail

Link Between Transit Spending and Personal Income

Convergence of Intensity or How to Purposely Shrink a City

Transit as Part of the Equation, Revisited

Multivariable Value Densification Modeling Using GIS

Back to the Basics with Active Learning

True Walking Distance to Transit

City of Worth

Research Report: Value Densification Community Mapping Project

Proficiency Approach to Self-Paced Structures Course

Sensitivity Analysis of Light Rail Transit Unit Capital Costs

Investigation of Hovercraft Operation in Detroit Weather Conditions

VDCpp Methodology

IDEAS: An Interdisciplinary Design Course in Social Entrepreneurship and Community Service

Proposed Method for Estimating Local Population of Precariously Housed

Teamwork Through Role Playing

Prediction of Bearing Capacity of Large Drilled Piles in Nonhomogeneous Soil by Using 3D Finite Element Method

Ten Years of Industrial Involvement in the Senior Design Project

Chapter in "Detroit Transit History"

Chapter in "Transit Lessons from four peer regions"

Chapter in "Current Detroit Transit"

Social Equity of 21st century transportation

Simulated Engineering Ethics

An Interactive Lecture Graphics Book

A First Course in Engineering Graphics

Development of Educational Multimedia

Design Course Lectures

A Team Approach to Freshmen Design Projects

Faculty Experience

Case Studies in Structural Repair of Pretensioned Concrete Products

Visualization Using I-Deas

Optimization of Singular Problems

A new method for finding the global and discrete optima of structural systems

Least weight design of steel pile foundations

Optimization of steel piles under rigid slab foundations using optimality criteria

Optimization of Steel Pile Foundations with Rigid or Flexible Concrete Slabs

Optimization of Steel Pile Foundations Using Optimality Criteria

Optimization of the Layouts of Steel Piles Using Optimality Criteria

Stewardship is Green

Geographic Information Systems in Civil Engineering Courses